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Old 2004-08-02, 02:45
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a search engine that can search ALL found refills for...

a search engine that can search ALL found refills by name...

search for bass and a list of samples, patches, rex files, etc. matching or containing bass appears...

it is a PAIN IN THE ARSE to have to go diggin through every single refil to find that one sound you remember the name of but don't know which refill you saw it in...

it would be cool to have a 'tree' view of the contents of a refil...

it'd also be nice to know if the refil you are about to open even contains any of the type of patch or file you are looking for...

ever go rummaging around through a refil looking for a .drm .huh or .rex file and you have to traverse the whole damn refil before you realize there ARE NO .drm or whatever files!


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