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Old 2004-08-06, 18:54
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Multiple loop points with live switching and hot key on/off

I used to do a lot of live playing. Not so much anymore but I'm sure I'll be back at it again someday. One thing that's a limitation when using sequences live is that you can't deviate from the sequence... you hit play and you keep going to the end and that's it, no spontaneous live changes.

I think a cool addition to Reason would be the ability to mark various sections as loop areas. Instead of just "L" and "R" we could have "L01" and "R01"... all the way up to "L99" and "R99". You could even "nestle" the loops if you want. Next would be a hot key, say, a function key, that triggers the loop on/off. You start your sequence, loops off, and it just plays as normal, but you can see your loop markers passing by the screen. Then the lead singer suddenly says "keep going on the chorus" because your guitarist is doing an amazing solo and you want to make tonights performance of this song longer for him to just keep wailing. So you hit that function key to turn on the loop function. Since the song is positioned within that solo over the chorus section, and you already have your loop markers in place, when the song reaches, say, "R08", it returns to "L08" which is the beginning of the solo over the chorus section. It'll keep doing that until you turn loops off. Once off, it just continues to play straight through to the end. Later, at the end, if you have some kind of dreamy outro, you can turn loops on and have the song continually repeat and loop between, say, "L12" and "R12".

This would be a GREAT advantage to adding creativity to a live performance.

Another option would be the ability to scroll over to another section of the song and while the loop feature is "on" you can go anywhere and click directly onto one of the "L" markers of another loopable section, and now that marker could possibly blink green, signifying that when the current looped section finishes (perhaps currently blinking red), the sequence will jump to the newly selected blinking L marked loop section. Perhaps live looping section could be signified by bright yellow.

What do you think?
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