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Old 2004-08-12, 05:53
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My friends song... please listen and vote? Thanks. :)

My friend Tim came over to my place and recorded this song in Reason. We later added vocals via my VS-880 and posted an MP3 at a SoundClick page I helped him setup as well. The song was submitted to this Christian "Song Discovery" contest and he got news this morning that his song was picked to be on this "new songs" CD that will have national distribution to thousands of singers/songwriters that could possibly pay him $ to get permission to perform the song at their church, etc... I think it works like that? anyway, there are about 14 songs making the cut to the CD, and he's one of them. Go check it out and vote it hot/flop. It's his only tune on his SoundClick page at the moment, though he does have other tunes he's working on, with my help now and then, mostly for layering the vocals in since he doesn't have anything besides his Mac. Actually, come to think of it, I built that Mac for him! Scumbag gets national distribution!

The guy has an awesome voice, almost Michael Jackson like. And he did a *GREAT* job coming up with this electric guitar sound with an NN19 and a Scream and some delay. I'm impressed. I just wish we had more time to work with the mix a bit more... some things I'd like to go back and adjust, but, you know... you gotta just call it sometimes, and say DONE, you know?

So, check it out...
Tim Rios at SoundClick

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