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Preset Randomize / Alter, etc.

here's just some random thoughts i've been mulling over lately...

1. if you can have the ability to alter & randomize patterns (redrum/matrix), why not the ability to alter & randomize presets (synths). i like to just twist knobs at random to see if i unlock a new sound (better odds than winning the lottery), so why not put in an algo that helps with this. it'd be even better if you could apply this to grouped knobs, for cases where you like a sound but want to try something different for lfo2 or the mod envelope. so your right click options would include rand/alter group & rand/alter patch. i think it'd be a lot of fun & would lead to more people breaking out of the presets.

2. how about a preset fader? it'd work like this - you'd have 4 buttons (numbered 1-4) & a slider on a synth. each of the 4 buttons stores the settings for a different preset. by automating the slider, you get to morph between the voices. that'd be wicked.

3. i'd also like more control over randomization in matrix. now, if you choose to spit out a randomized pattern it hard to get anything that might be remotely tuneful, or even melodic. but if we had something where we could define the scale or arpeggio the notes would conform to, as well as note density, we might actually be able to start using generative techniques to start making some more melodic sounds.

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