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Well, here's my 2 penn'th

Sorry if some of these seem daft or petty or just plain wrong. Please don't flame me. I know that some of them have been asked for a billion times before, but maybe the billion and oneth time will make the props say "OK, OK! Gaaadammmit, we'll do it". Or am I just being lazy and annoying?

Here goes then:

1. Bigger text in sequencer for the ruler, C-note indicators, controller names etc. PLEASE bigger text in sequencer - I'm going blind here! Or at least tool-tips for them. But SOMETHING please! If you do nothing else, please do this.

2. The horizontal slider to zoom in on an area in the sequencer doesn't maintain the current play point. If I zoom in like this, it would be nice for the current play position (or whatever is currently centre of the sequencer window if it doesn't contain the play position) to remain in the centre. As it is now, I have to zoom in and then scroll right to try and find my current working position. Yes, I can use the magnifying glass but for that I must select it, zoom in, then select the tool I want. Sometimes these little things just seem too slow.

3. In the Velocity Lane of the sequencer, when using the line tool it doesn't behave the same as when you use it in the Controller Lane, in that "Shift + drag" does not make a snapped-straight line.

4. Ability to have curved lines and/or arcs for the drawing tools in the sequencer (for velocity, controller actions etc)

5. The ability to mute a device is available in the list to the left of the sequencer, it would be useful to have to possibility to select Solo there as well, rather than have to scroll up to the mixer.

6. In fact, the mute of the Redrum (in the sequencer) doesn't seem to work when it is sequenced, even when there's a red cross against it.

7. A quick way to scale the whole project in the sequencer (i.e. between beginning and end markers) would be useful. I know that moving the magnifying scroll bar to mininum does it width-ways, but it's not done vertically. To do that you have some clicking to do.

8. When un-docking the sequencer for the first time in a project it takes up the top half of the main window by default, obscuring all the devices. Actually it also obscures the dock/un-dock button, so you have to move it anyway just to dock it again with the rack. Would it not be better to maintain the position (i.e. at the bottom) and just expand width-ways. I must admit I did it once and thought I realised why you do it this way, but I've forgotten now and each time find myself moving it to the bottom again.

9. Actually, that's a point - could you have an "always on top" option for the sequencer while it's un-docked? Useful for when you're scrolling through patches in a device while it's in this mode otherwise you keep having to select the sequencer again to play a note to hear what it sounds like for example. I could get a keyboard I suppose...

10. When automating a device, you can select the Controllers list to choose what to automate. However the list can sometimes be quite long. I know it's a cool feature as it stands now, but would it be possible to have a scroll-bar in there to help us out? All this clicking and holding and waiting for them all to sloooooowly scroll down etc... I'm so lazy!

11. The ability to place markers in the sequencer so you can record the position of something.

12. The ability to select a portion of the notes in the sequencer and reverse that section.

13. When using a large sample (a voice singing for example) in the NN-XT or whatever, you have to draw a line in the sequencer to play it. This line should be at least as long as the sample/wav file or it cuts off. That's OK, but what is annoying is that the sample does not play at all unless you start playing before this line. If you want to play just a section you can't. It would be nice to have wav files play from wherever the play position is in the sequencer.

1. Re-loading of individual samples - maintaining their note assignments instead of re-setting them to C3. It's sooooo annoying to have to re-assign it. Perhaps change the "Reload Samples" option to re-read the source file without moving it's note assignment?

2. Ability to ungroup zone groups. It seems I have to select an individual zone and make it it's own group (?) to release it from an existing group.

1. Ability to change name of track on mixer. For example when patching a zone in the NN-XT to an output port pair other than ports 1&2, you can't give them a different name in the mixer, so it appears as " NT-XT name + 3&4" for example. Same when patching through the Spider, it appears on the mixer as " Spider Name + Output port name ". Anyway, if the device name is fairly long, the " + 3&4" part is cut off.

1. If you select pattern A 1 on the panel and copy the pattern and then select the "B" then I was expecting it to go to B1 but the number is lost. You can paste to this pattern but I don't know where it goes because if you then select the "1", so we're now actually in B1, it's empty.

2. Don't seem to be able to automate the Decay/Gate switches. Am I missing something?

1. "Expand All" and "Collapse All" options for the devices in the rack.

2. Normal keyboard shortcuts for menu functions (e.g alt-F S for save, alt-F + A for Save As etc).

3. Song browser: ability to sort in date order, or maybe better show the last-modified date with the other info.

4. Self-contained Song settings: please give us a chance to view the entire file names (can't alter dialog box listview control). Perhaps with a tooltip on each one. Never quite know if I'm using the right one if my samples have similar names.

5. Exporting audio to .wav file - could you mention the name of the output file in the dialog box as it saves?

6. A "Cancel Load" option (when opening large project by mistake). Yes, I need a more powerful machine.

7. A quicker way of scrolling up when manually wiring a device to the mixer or whatever. If the device is at the bottom of the rack and I want to wire it up to something at the top I have to draaaaag that cable sloooooowwwwwly up past all the other devices. I know I can right-click and select a target device and port, but sometimes plugging it in manually is easier (easy to forget which ReWire port it is goint to for example). Perhaps if I drag it up, but at the extreme left or right of the rack then I can jump quickly to the top?

8. It would be nice to have a project Notepad. This has a million and one uses. I know there is the More Information field in the Song Description but this has a limited length (255 chars?). In fact that's another thing - although there is a limit to the length of this field you can in fact type much more than this. So when you try to save it it tells you you can't. Couldn't you just inhibit further input when this limit is reached? Or indeed, not have a limit (or at least 1K or something)

9. It would be nice for the Sample Browsers (dialog boxes listing files on hard disc) would refresh automatically. If I move a file into the directory I'm looking at then it doesn't show up, even if I go up one directory and back into the original one. I have to close the Browse Samples dialog and then open it up again.

10. Make the help non-modal. It's a pain to have to try and make the help window share screen space with the rest of Reason (for when you're trying to see in Reason what the help is talking about). Would be nice to have both full-screen and then context-switch between them.

Thank you!

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