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Old 2004-08-19, 16:58
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Does anyone feel like Reason is the musician's video game?

I have a Pro Tools rig and an Access Virus b. I have come very accustomed to using PT as a midi sequencer despite its limitations because I love PT for its audio capabilities and I like to have everything under one roof when working on a track. Anyways, I thought Reason was the coolest thing and have been using it since its inception but it just seems a bit hokey compared to my DAW and Virus combo. The quality of control,filters, and synthesis I can get out of my Virus far surpasses any of the synths in Reason. I love Redrum but its kind of hard to f*** up a sampling drum machine and Roger Linn is still the heavy wieght champion. When Reason first came out it was a great introduction to the electronic music making process but I highly recommend stepping it up to the "real" equivilents if you serious about music. I would love to hear feedback.

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