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Two OLD tracks of mine now online

Well, I wasn't gonna mention these because the sound quality is pretty bad - but I thought I'd let you know anywaze. These are two old songs of mine that were made way back in the early 90's, and it seems as though I have no other copy of this work except for this crappy cassette tape that I pulled out of my old truck (before I donated it to charity) that was sitting around for 4 years in the sun, the rain, the heat, the cold, etc... amazing the tape even works. These songs were made with an Amiga 3000 (Bars & Pipe Pro) controlling a host of MIDI gear: Kawai K3, K3m, PH50, Korg DSS1, DDD5, Boss DR660, SC Prophet 600... I think that's it. Oh and a Midiverb II reverb and a Digitech DSP256XL and RDS1900 effects units.

So I played the tape and it's sooooo hissssss-city. But, what can you do? I did my best (sorta) to do justice, but I wasn't going to go to extreme lengths to help it out since I plan to redo these in Reason. Very noisy on soft intros and soft sections within the songs, but the loud sections are ok.

First song is called "The Furious List" and it's all about being busy all the time, keeping track of your life on sheets of paper, all your stupid to-do's and events and schedules and junk. This song is interesting for you prog-dogs out there as it has a few measures of 10/24. Yeah, 10/24, which is debatable I suppose but I spoke with the almighty Terry Bozzio in person and he said it's valid, and that's the final word, so that's that.

Second song is "The Roadless Travel" which is straight 4/4 but has some very interesting chords and string lines and dissonance that makes my ears tickle.

The funny thing is, some of the sounds are soooo dated, especially some of the bass and brass sounds. Ugh. Yuck. But I think the ideas and arrangement and all that are ok.

Anyway, there ya go. Not really looking for feedback per se, just thought I'd let those that are interested in this weird crap I create know that there's some fresh old stuff available for listening / downloading at my SoundClick page. I plan to redo these in Reason someday. Someday... oh my.... does it ever end... ?

EditEd4TV at SoundClick

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