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Old 2004-08-21, 23:26
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Problem to assign MIDI remote control

I just bought a new Midi keyboard controller. I was using an old Casio Fz-1 for many years, but I got tired of that big tank and wanted somethin' more compact with lots of knobs and fadders.

I bought the Edirol PCR-30. I can assign control using the edit midi remote map function but there's somethin' odd. There seems to be assignment already set for each knob and slidders. So If I want my fadder S-1 to control channel level 1, I can. But it will continue to control Bass level channel 4 at the same time. If I clear all mapping. Those one keeps controlling no matter what. I mean there on everything. Is there someone out there who can explain me what is the ghost in my keyboard and why does he want to drive me crazy???


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