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I'm swamped with Refills :(

Hi - apols if this has been posted before, and for asking what seems like a dumb question, but - how are you supposed to manage refills?

I've got hundreds of the buggers now, and unless they're ones I use regularly and therefore know pretty well, there seems to be no way of telling what sort of files are in each. If I want to find an SMP file, for instance, I could look in loads of refills, drill down through their often-convoluted internal directory structures, and find nothing.

And I can't just move all refills with SMP sounds in, to a "SMP refills" directory of my own, because they may have any number of other file types packed up inside them.

Either I'm missing something fairly fundamental here - which is pretty likely - or whoever thought up Refills as an efficient file management utility got it stunningly wrong - which is not. So help me out. How does everyone else effortlessly store their sound libraries?

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