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Old 2004-08-27, 02:55
billy67 billy67 is offline
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The Ideal system for making music. Dare I tell the truth?

I have been making computer music for 5 years. I have played guitar for 15 years. I have tried cubase, making waves, reason, fl studio, cakewalk etc etc. When I say tried, I mean I have made at least one song in them. I have a 2.8ghz laptop running winxp, live platinum card, audiophile usb, G3 imac.

The perfect set up for me is reason 2.5 on the G3 connected to a keyboard via a UM-1 USB connection.

This is a simple, flawless, ultra fast, no latency set up.

Which card? Which monitors, you cant mix without near fields, right?

I dont use any card with the mac, just logitech Z3es into the sound output!

It sounds damn good and the CDs I make sound good in car stereos, hi-fis PCs etc.

Don't believe the hype, dont spend all the money I have over the years.

Is 2.8ghz win faster than 600mhz imac? No, it isnt and it is much less stable.

So, shoot me for telling the truth!!!!

My soundclips

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