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weird note behavior w/o snap to grid?

I keep running into this...sometimes if I'm recording in reason using my midi controller, I'll go back and move the recording so that it's in time (just signal delay I swear...). To get it right I usually have to turn off snap to grid mode.

Then this weird thing happens sometimes - if I scroll over to that note from the right it will look like it's in one place, and if I scroll over from the left it will be shifted...
ie. if a note is right up against one of the black lines as I scroll from the right, when I scroll back there will suddenly be a small space between the note and the line.

I don't know if the note is actually moving or if the display of it is just moving, but it drives me crazy sometimes.

Also might help to be able to snap to time divisions as well as maintaining being able to snap to a 32nd note OR maintaining that spacing.

Sorry if this has been covered/solutions already exist!

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