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Browsing libraries takes FOREVER

sys info:

120GB HD (75% free)
1.5 GhZ Ram
spyware clean
adware clean
virus clean
i run defrag 3 times a week.

This is what happens..
I :
1. make a new song
2. create a ReDrum
3. click the Folder icon
4. wait about a minute for my designated ReFill folder on my hard drive to open up.

another thing is when i've got a sample, sound or rex file loaded and want to hear the next one in line in whichever refill i'm in, if i press the up or down arrows it takes about 30 seconds to load it up. i've got a very fast machine and i defrag all the time.

what's up? is there something i can do?

i have ALL my refills (about in 163) in one folder. should i split them up?

please help. it can really kill my creative juices tohave to wait for reason to load up a sample.

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