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Years ago, I bought a Kurzweil K2000rs and loaded it with 64 megs of simms memory. At the time, 16 meg sticks of simms were $500 each. To max out my sampler, it literally cost me $2000.

Now, it's nothing.

Seriously, music is made VERY easy with this instrument of REASON.

Please, go to the trouble of exporting the samples as .wav files and reloading them, using it that way so everyone can enjoy the work in a download !!

It's not a copyright violation as one cannot save or isolate the sounds once a person has PUBLISHED the song. Even if you totally dig a sample, you can't hit the "save" icon on the NN-XT to dump it onto your hard drive. It won't permit that. Neither can you mute all the audio tracks and isolate the sound when exporting. You've made change to the published song, and you get an error message.

Sure, you can record the audio snippet as you trigger it from a midi device onto something else that is external, but from what I've read, no one seems to want to be that troubled in making a song.

Music used to be a great deal of work. Now you have instant pyramids of synths and samplers at your disposal, and it barely taxes your personal computer.

In a sense, it's almost too easy, and everyone is now a published musician.

I started making music with synths and samplers that existed in the real world, not on a screen. It's been SO hard to get my head around using my PC to begin, record and publish a composition, but I'm getting the hang of it.

It's become so amazingly inexpensive to do music.


:Why not take the same samples, EXPORT them as AUDIO files, save them to your desktop, then upload them as .WAV files into an NN-XT or the drummachine. That way, when you select "contain sounds," we'll all get to play your song.

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