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Problems with Drum Pad Mapping

I am running Reason 2.5, Audiophile 2496 PCI, with my controllers being the M-Audio Oxygen 8, Evolution UC-33e and (hopefully) a Yamaha DD-5 drum machine (trying to use only for a controller).

The Oxy8 and the UC-33 work like a dream but I'm having some problems mapping my Yamaha DD-5 drum pads to Redrum. I have my sound card's MIDI port set up at Reason's Bus C, and routed to Redrum's in. When I hit pads on the drumbox, I DO get MIDI signals, but I seem to be unable to assign a pad to a Redrum trigger. Some pads activate mute on sound #2, some activate solo on #5. I have one pad that activates the trigger for sound 8, but there seems to be no way in Reason to edit the trigger mapping. I realize that my drum machine will send its own notes every time, regardless of keyboard MIDI standards, but is there any way to change the MIDI notes that Redrum will accept to correspond to my drum pad?

Thanks and I hope someone has some sort of idea. I'm at my wit's end here! I miss my drum pads!

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