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Old 2004-09-13, 02:27
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NN-XT Piano repedalling (controller crossfades!)

I was impressed with the Grand Piano in Apple's Garage Band because it used separate layers for pedal up and pedal down piano samples, switched using the sustain (damper) pedal on my MIDI controller. With the pedal up, you get the usual clean and dry sounding piano. With the pedal down, you trigger notes captured with the sympathetic vibration of the other strings. Very cool! Unfortunately, there's no way to engage the pedal down samples after the note is struck with the pedal up.

Using MIDI Pipe ( I was able to remap my sustain pedal to the External (X) Breath controller and also duplicate the original sustain message so that I can now instantly crossfade between NN-XT zones that use the "level" modulation external control. So, pedal up sample zones have positive X contol amount, and pedal down zones have negative X control amount. The sustain pedal also continues to send the sustain message, so I now have piano repedalling! I can't wait to remap my guitar patches to switch between mutes and picks, not to mention all the other cool things that can be done using this powerful little utility!

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