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Online Collaboration

I have been working on creating a music
collaboration website for quite some
time and I now have a working

"Studio Jam Board"

It is basically a file tree text message
type of forum board where you can upload
your own personal audio files and also
create links to content that you have
elswhere on the internet.

You can send in any type of file that
you wish to use to make music.

I use Reason 2 along with Cubase SX.
(Mp3, Flac, or Wav's)

It would be great if anyone would be
interested in giving this type of
online collaboartion a try.

I have not advertised my site much so I
am still not sure if this idea is going
to be a solid working one or not.

All are welcome.

I am hoping that if I can get together
enough people for some projects we can
come up with a working studio release.


Gatchene Sound Studio

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