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Old 2004-09-16, 23:52
yrag01 yrag01 is offline
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Import MIDI Song Markers & Display Lane... Also..

Hey I LOVE Reason, but every other MIDI capable App I use has a Marker Lane that displays the song section markers near the top of the window, and when it imports the .mid file from another MIDI capable App. Reason needs a parts marker lane. When one is working on an involved song, it really helps productivity to know where you are in a song. Yeas, yes? I know you can group sections and that does help to some extent to organize you song, but that's not enough as far as I'm concerned. These Props are geniuses? how hard can this be for them (he naively asked)?

Something else i think would aid productivity is if when you hit the TAB key and flipped around to the back is to make it so if were to click on a cable it would blink? so that you could follow the routing more easily. It can get pretty tangled back there, don't you all agree?

Well 'that's my two cents worth' as we say. Thanks.

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