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The most Important things I think !

dear propellerhead,

Reason is great and I let down a lot of my old synths to use only reason... It's simple and almost full... I said almost because some important things missing. In my engeneering school, we teached me that all a song is based on the mix ! So the mix depand a lot from the mixer. The one in reason is good but here is a list of devices that will dramatically make it perfect !

1. Add Insert for each channel !
why?: Because we use almost always compressor and effects that needs to be in insert.

2. Add compressor for each channel !
Why?: almost each instrument need to be compressed and/or limited (voice, kick, snare...)

3. Add group to the mixer !
Why?amn ! Imagine you have a batterie with 5 or more channels ! Once the mix made, impossible to change volume without 'breaking' the mix... And in all mixes, each kick, hat, snare, etc must be on different channel to be equalized, compressed, effected...

4. Parametric EQ on Each Channel !
Why?: Each instrument have it's own EQ. the actual eq are not doing the job very weel, parametric is essential.

5. Saving mixer EQ/comp/aux/etc... state
Why?: a lot of mixes are made for each song, imagine the first mix was good but since you have teste different EQ/effects and now you cannot retrieve it ! Saving theses parameters will save your 'life' )

6. Master compressor And EQ !
Why?: almost every song needs to be compressed at his end and equalized (except for aces engineers...). A Master compressor/limiter/EQ will be great.

I'm surrely missing some things but actually I can do almost all theses thing with the actual reason but it's a pain !

I hope you will read this and take it in consideration. Reason is the best music software I ever seen and I'm waiting for the next version impatiently...

Best regards,

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