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strange subtractor bug

I've come across a rather unusual audio bug with the Subtractor synthesizer. (The reason why I think it's a bug with the Subtractor and not my audio drivers or anything like that is because this problem occurs ONLY with the Subtractor. Seems to me that if it were an audio driver issue, then more than just the Subtractor would be messed up) I'm not quite sure how to explain what I'm hearing, but I can describe exactly how to duplicate the problem.

Make a new reason song file, create a mixer and attach a Subtractor synthesizer to it (with the Init patch). Down in the sequencer, insert 4 whole notes across C3 and make it loop. (the length of the note doesn't matter, but 4 whole notes will be best to illustrate the problem) Now, press play. Once you get an idea of what it sounds like, simply turn on the 2nd oscillator. (doesn't matter if you stop the song first or let it continue playing, it has the same effect, at least on my machine) The Subtractor will then sound like... well, I don't know. It definitely doesn't sound like a sawtooth on top of a sawtooth, and the sound will jump when a new note is played and last for the duration of that note, then repeats the process once the next note is played.

I've tried setting up this same problem with the Malstrom, but it seems to be working as it should. Only the Subtractor seems to have this bug. I've also noticed that the ONLY way to correct this problem is to either close the .rps file and reopen it or export the song/loop as an audio file. But the problem will just pop back up again as soon as you start messing around with the Subtractor.

If anybody else has had this problem, or if anyone has solutions, PLEASE let me know.

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