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Undo history

I've found that having a window listing all of the commands in the programs undo history is useful for undoing a lot of changes quickly. That would be a nice addition to Reason.

Expanding this further, there's a few related things that could be done:

1) Save the undo history to a file
2) Set history states
3) Individual device history (for things like A/Bing mixer or EQ settings)

Of course, your .rns file size is going to grow by a tremendous amount, so there would also have to be a purge history command. But this system would be a good workaround for a lot of feature requests.

And on this note, shouldn't there be a Revert to Saved option in the menu? The only real reason for this is to avoid reloading samples, but it would be worth it just for that, in light of the Drumkit and Electromechanical refills.

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