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Old 2004-10-04, 20:13
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Microtonal Capabilities of Reason 2.5?

This is very important to me. If Reason 2.5 has this capability to a decent extent, I will buy it, and it does not, I probably won't, even though it is a wonderful program.

If I used a microtonal midi controller hardware or software to control Reason 2.5 (through small and large midi pitch bends), would it allow this and respond with the microtonal notes desired? And would scales with more than 12 notes per octave be accepted as well?

My guitar teacher has the program and was recomending it to me, but couldn't asnwer that question, thus I have to ask. I used it on his computer and attempted it, but it only seemed to accept equal temperament scales from the midi controller, and when alternative scales were used it only accepted the octave notes and stayed silent ont he rest.

The microtonal midi controller in this instance was Fractal Tune Smithy. I would appreciate any help with this question that somebody might offer, as it makes the difference to me. Thank you for your time.

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