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Poll time

All right, time for a feature poll for Reason 3 (assuming that there actually will be a Reason 3 ). If there's something that isn't explicitly in the list, there's probably an option that is close enough, and you should select that.

Voting rules: Rather than making you pick just one, I think it makes more sense to include some kind of priority. So, each of you will have 10 points with which you can vote. Distribute them however you like.

Here are the poll options. Since no one replied before when I asked for changes, I'm not going to bother changing these now.

1) New (or updated) effects modules, especially for the compressor and para eq. This includes a HPF for the filter module.
2) New (or updated) synths, including full granular, full FM, adding more oscillators, filters, filter modes, quality settings...
3) Grouping devices in the rack view
4) Ghost clips, aka looping individual tracks, aka instance groups, and about a hundred other names
5) Show/Hide certain cables
6) General sequencer improvements (note preview, more quantize options, drawing curves in for automation, step sequencing, etc.)
7) Tempo/Time sig automation
8) Multiple MIDI input recording
9) Resizable or bigger rack
10) Matrix recording/Step sequencing

How you vote: Place a reply to my reply tiled "Vote", using the following format. BTW-These are just examples, not how I actually voted.

***If you don't put it in the right place, your vote will not be counted***

1) 2
2) 3
3) 0
4) 1
5) 0
6) 0
7) 4
8) 0
9) 0
10) 0

I'm planning on actually compiling these results and doing something useful with them, so it would make my life easier if you just stick to this format. I have no idea what kind of response this thread will get, but tentatively, I'll post the current results after each 10 voters. If you want to discuss anything, please reply to the "Talk" subthread.

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