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Old 2004-10-11, 01:37
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Smarter than patch randomization BEAUTIFUL RESULTS!!!


In trying to deal with DAW madness so unlike Reasons lovelyness I was testing to see if any VSTi or DXi synths worked as well or were as easy on my CPU as reason. At that they all failed!


Native Instruments has a slider patch breeding window that is FREAKING AWESOME!

So much more "like you imagining" sounds.

This would be SO rad in REASON!

It works like this.

1. Load up A with your fav choir.
2. Load up B with your fav rythmic loop patch.
3. Then slide the slider between the two and they act as parents with a real time preview of their child!

TO COOL! In seconds you have a beautiful complex mixture of your choir and rhytm loop.

Man that would so rock in ReasoN!


Check out the NI demo. You'll see its no comparison to Reason in real time sturdiness but man can the patch breeder come up with some jammin stuff!
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