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Old 2004-10-14, 19:38
krujap777 krujap777 is offline
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Where do you guys pan and volumize your strings?

Me or my ears have always had an uneasy feeling with strings or synth chords in a mix. I've always loved that uplifting blast of harmony heard in a lot of trance or classical music, so I tend to want to keep the strings loud, but I feel like it's overpowering. I make it quieter and it doesn't have the same effect. When I listen to professionally mixed CDs, their strings always seem to be right where they need to be... crystal clear and in their own space.

I've experimented by panning the track just a little, or hooking up 2 mono tracks of the same instrument and panning each all the way to the left and to the right. There are some changes... but not quite what I'm looking for.


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