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Old 2004-10-19, 18:41
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And yea unto them one day the Reason shall hold audio record

NOTE: A sense of humor and tiny knowledge of the Star Wars movies is required to fully appreciate this post...

Everyday I work with Reason.

It is amazing, beyond belief, awesome etc.

The only ugh comes again from the dreaded booting of the audio sequencer. Even thought it ties in with reason fairly well it is the one dark cloud over the brightly shining Reason.

I know there are those of you in agreeance with me so lets...

1. Hold hands
2. Channel, feel the force flowing...
3. See the faces of the prop heads programmers...
4. Now enter their minds, deeper, deeper...
5. Whisper to their inner ear...

Audio recording for Reason...

Remind them that all of the companies they are aligned with are now producing "competition" soft synths so their is no longer any reason for them not to enter their "audio recording" territory.

Be Qui Gon Jinn talking to Watto and wave your hand gently in front of their face...

"Reason will have a flawless "create a module" audio recording...

in a grumbly voice Prop heads might reply

"No it won't"

say it again and again...

"Reason will have a flawless "create a module" audio recording...

until their "No it won't" turns into a

Yes it will!

I thank the props in advance for the new audio recording module so I can throw away all the other music software and Props can own ALL of my future music software upgrade money!

Thank you,
May the force be with you...



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