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Old 2004-10-21, 00:30
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multiple preset SF2 & smooth jazz loops

I am very new to Reason and, at my age (48), learning this thing looks to be a challenge! I play fingerstyle acoustic guitar and wanted a slick way to add beats & background to my recordings... ergo Reason.

1st... I downloaded some SF2 file from HammerSounds. Some of the files have, what appears to be, multiple presets/samples. I can hear all of them with GarageBand, by playing different keys on my controller; but can't seem to figure out what to do with them in Reason. I start to open them with the NNXT and see all these presets... do I need a NNXT for every one?

2nd... can any of you point me to a source of free REX files that would be suitable for the smooth jazz genre? One of my original pieces,"Your Smile", is being recorded by a horn player... I play the guitar part. I think some of my ideas would fit nicely into the genre & would like to ease the pressure of having to build all my loops... at least until I can accumulate more acumen with Reason.

Any, and all, help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Buz Busby
Tampa, FL

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