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Old 2004-10-23, 10:07
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its USA Appreciation Day!!

so much talk about our country and how "Evil" it is just makes me want to wave my flag even more.. i love America. yeah we have a screwed up past but its still a great country.the fact that i'm free and can do the things i ought to do is a gift worth fighting for.. forget about all the conspiracies (if there is any) and all that crap and just be glad you're in a free country.

i think that people in the usa that complain and hate america are spoiled and go somewhere else like.. mexico* or africa*. yeah no AC and no working toilets would have them wanting to come back

*no disrepect to the people or those nations.i went to mexico and it was a high-end culture shock! but it was very beutiful just the poverty was sad to see

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