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Presenting... REASON 5!

Presenting... REASON 5!

No more hopping between DAWs. Reason 5 is now a complete Digital Audio Workstation while still retaining the ease and inspirational environment you've grown to love.

With the new ReCycler module, not only will you be able to drag and drop any audio file (wav, mp3, ogg, and more), right onto the sequencer, but you will also be able to record live! Hear yourself and tweak your voice with Reason's FX devices live, before ever even hitting record! Want to record more than one source? No problem! If you have an input, you can record from it. ReCycler supports up to 32 multiple sources which can be recorded from simultaneously! This fully routable device includes ReCycle built-in for powerful editing, a spectrum analyzer, reverse switch, and more!

But that's not at all. Reason 5 comes packed with a new Bit Crusher device, an advanced drum synth with high-resolution step sequencer, and more. The new stretch tool will not only let you timestretch your audio files by simply dragging the audio clip, you can stretch your midi clips as well!

Other features include: Right click on any clip or any track and instantly bounce it into an audiofile automatically placed on a ReCycler device in mere seconds. You can now shorten or lengthen midi notes by the front of the note as well. No more annoying pop-up telling you your MIDI controller isn't on either. Multi-core support and native 64-bit support included. And finally, parameter randomization for all devices new and old devices!

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