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Old 2004-10-29, 00:37
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if you guys aren't totally sick of me yet.. here's another


this track uses the snareless snare, mallet kit off the rdk refill.

totally weird kit, called for a totally weird tune.

this one's a bit different than my usual stuff. it's almost ambient.. but not really.

dark, murky & moody.

I did a bunch of intentional things that might be either really cool.. or really lame.. depending on your perspective..

I kept the volume low and dialed in alot of lower frequencies. actually sheered off alot of high end, in general, on almost every instrument to match the character of the mix.

I drenched almost everything in reverbs and delays, though I think I managed to keep everything pretty seperated.

that's about it. lemme know what you think.

I left the other rdk kit track, I did, up there as well.. if you haven't heard it yet and are interested.

click here for new track - Underworld

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