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Old 2004-11-06, 12:43
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Mixer channel is has a signal on the Meter, but no sound

I've got a mixer channel which is showing a signal on it's little green meter, but no sound is comming through that channel.

Let me first just say that sound is comming throug other channels, so this isn't a hardwear/setup issue.

Secondly, it's nothing to do with soloing and muting mixer channels. Nothing is solo'ed or muted.

The only explanation I can come up with on this is that the left channel is 180 degrees out of phase with the right and they are cancelling out, but still showing on the VU meter. But how on earth could I have managed that?

Let me explain what I'm doing. I'm taking a mono signal.

I'm feeding that singal (left) into a unison and taking a mono, left out. I feed that singal to to a spider to split it into two copies. Then in Feed each copy into a vocoder in EQ mode, in order to cut some frequencies on the left channel and some on the right. Then I take a mono output from each of these vocoders.

At this point I can do two things. I can feed the two vocoder outputs into the left and right of a single mixer channel. In this case I get the situation above: No audible signal at all but a displayed signal.

Or I can take each vocoder output and feed them into the left channel of the mixer in the hope that they will be treated as mono signals. this doesn't work either: rather than being able to switch one pan pot far left and the other far right and get a stereo singal, each of the pan pots acts as a volume control, with - get this - far right being loud and far left being inaudible - even though there is no right singal!

Does this sound crazy to you? Can anybody help me? I've used twin vocoder/EQs to split a mono singal into stereo in this way before, and it's been fine.

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