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NNXT Release triggered samples

I'm just posting this as I reminder to myself about how to do release samples in the NN-XT. I wanted to tried this a while ago, and I forgot how to do it since then (and google gives me nothing useful).

1. Add a zone with the release sample.
2. Set the mode to FW-SUS.
3. Set sample start to beginning of the release portion of the sample (usually 0 frames).
4. Set sample end to the end of the release portion (usually 100%).
5. Set loop start and end where there is no sound in the sample. This should be at the beginning of the sample, and can be 1 frame in length (though this will probably add a DC offset).
6. Make sure Amp Attack is 0 and Amp Sustain is 100. Release time is dependent on sample material.

Probably want to turn off the key tracking too.

PS - Dan Engelbrecht is a teasing bastard

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