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Mac Versus PC - opinions needed

I am looking to buy a new computer.

The Reason for this (pun intended) is that I am starting to peak the CPU with my latest tunes. I am not using a huge amount of FX chains but what I am doing has become very CPU intensive. So I need more power...

As a PC software developer for the last 15 odd years I have become pretty familiar with the Microsoft way of doing things but to be honest I fancy something a bit sexier. Im bored with it to be honest and I keep eyeing up the new Macs and thinking "ooooo" they look nice.

The new computers purpose is simple, music production in a home studio environment.

The main components of my current software setup are Reason/Recycle/Rebirth/T-Racks. I have FLStudio but to be honest I havent touched it since I bought Reason...

I have been looking at getting a P4 3.2Ghz 2024GB RAM setup that I know will be able to handle even the most abusive Rack I throw at it.


The iMac G5 and the PowerMac G5 look sexy and I must admit I am borderline seduced.

Someone care to push me over the edge...

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