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Old 2004-11-14, 20:24
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I've made a techno or something song

It was made mostly as a joke, something to give to my boss instead of the song I really was supposed to make.
I made it in a few hours a few weeks back, and when I heard it again today I thought "damn, it's kind of OK, actually"...
I don't know the genre distinctions of electronic music so well, so I just called it a techno song. That might be sacriledge. Don't know, don't care.

All the words in the song are buzzwords surrounding the Radius, which is a newproduct my company is promoting. I typed them in a Text-To-Speech thing on the net, and I still think that's funny. The young girl is an adult female voice pitched up two semitones. Makes me laugh.

Anyway, it's not a serious attempt at anything, but it kind of makes me laugh.

The rps uses a few refills I found here and there, but I've put an mp3 at Soundclick as well for those of you who want to hear my silly song but can't be bothered looking for the refills.


Reason file:
mp3 here

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