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Making Reason Better

First thing would be for Props to communicate to all of on this board and let us know what the f$!$ is going on with Reason right now!!!

Can we get at least 24 channels on the mixer instead of chaining the damn thing together???? Better and more fx...something close to Sampletank...their fx kicks major a$$. A wave loop editor or integrate a lite version of RECycle into Reason. For all of you says there's still saying that there's nothing wrong with the audio quality....STOP NEEDS TO BE BETTER. I love Reason for its effeciency and ease and I do love Reason....PROPS...listen to our requests and YOU communicate to us what requests are feasible instead of some of these self-righteous-know-it-all a$$ clowns.

Oh yeah....Re-Drum need a Re-Mix.

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