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Old 2004-11-23, 23:28
alleycat13 alleycat13 is offline
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editing in the sequencer, erasing unwanted aftertones

I was wondering if it is possible to erase only part of a bar/note from a track on the sequencer. I recorded a track from my "subtractor synth" by using the "matrix pattern seq". In arrange mode it shows four groups recorded, but at the end of the last group, there is some bass sustain that carries on for a couple seconds after the main composition has shown to have stopped. I can locate this sustain when I put the sequencer in "Edit Mode". After the last group recorded, there are a few notes still sustaining. This is a problem because I'm trying to lay another track of groups after the last group, but I can still here that annoying sustain. I've tried changing the length of these notes in the group that they're in, but that just messes up the oringinal sound. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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