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Multi effect too?

Earlier I have suggested that the Combinator might also be used as a multi effects processor, that is that the device has not only MIDI in, but also audio in. I will now elaborate on why I think this is the case:

First, there is a bypass switch. Well, we don't know that yet, but the switch has the same looks and position as the bypass switch on the existing Reason devices. Why would there be such a switch if the Combinator did not have audio in? Would Propellerheads, who clearly care about clever and consistent user interfaces, place that switch on that position - but assign it different functionality?

Second, assume that we are right, that the Combinator can be used for creating multi layered patches. Now assume that Propellerheads want to create a multi effect. Most likely they would want it to work the same way as the Combinaor: a sub-rack, where the user can add and arrange devices, just like in the main Reason Rack. Only one problem: When the user creates his phat multi synth patch he probably wants to add effects to his patch, and likely he wants to use the new multi effect. Now think about it, if the multi synth is a sub rack of reason, it means that the multi effects would be a sub-rack off a sub-rack. And that would be hard to represent graphically - and to grasp conceptually.

Solution to the problem: make *one* device which has both audio in and MIDI in and give it a neutral name like Combinator.

Soon we will know what the story is.


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