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Old 2004-11-28, 20:04
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admit it --its a disapointment

I can't see how the sos posting can be substanively incorrect--sos does no independent industry reporting--it just reviews what comes in the mail and posts
press releases. So unlike others here--I
am accepting that 3.0 is 2 device affair with a fsb enhancement..yikes!! What have these guys been doing for 2 plus years, working on rebirth 2.0?

I can only assume this means props are working on another product as it seems unlikey they would need to hire additional staff for this minor release.

Reason does some really neat things-- and it will continue to be useful to me, a lame 3.0 notwithstanding. I'm just disapointed props did not see fit to invest more effort into a software with
such great(if unrealized)potential.

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