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Old 2004-11-29, 16:46
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Speaking about update in good way (regarding Reason 3.0)

So....i was reading this board. And it seems that many users are dissapointed in some way. It is a free world. But something is good to keep in mind.

So read:

Good and talented musician can do good work/song/project even with poorest program. Bad musician cant do a frikin thing even with two or three finest programs.

This is simple and finest true.

Speaking about myself i cant say that i did not expect some new fancy synth. Yes i expect this too. As i expect some other things. Like folder for organising instruments etc.etc.

But it did not came out. So what now? Will i change my program. No! I will figure how to do some things inside.

And as i can see now this will be easier than before.

Especialy with new Mclass suite. This one is most useful for me. Cant wait to hear this compressor. And we have decent Stereo Imager. Now i can do things without ReWiring Reason to other host for stereo expanding operations.

New EQ too. Ok old are good enough but hey! With this you can go into finest details.

Also there is improvement in sample playback quality (idea for next post)

So is it worth? For me YES for sure.

I was waiting this announce just to be sure what to buy? FL Studio 5 or new Reason. Yes i have copy of Reason from my frend. Not legal i know. I have FL smaller edition bundled with my new sound card. So FL 5 is much cheaper for me but still i will go to Reason.

Now i dont have anything to think! Reason is app for me.


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