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Damn, 3.0 looks *good* to me.

When you go through the graphical pages linked from the home-page and actually read them, this looks like a really amazingly nice release.

The Mastering tools will go a long way to eliminate the perception that Reason's output is not "CD ready" and will add a new dimension of sound-shaping possibilities.

Reason 2.5 was the "devices" release, and included a number of new ways to make new sounds. It was probably the most impressive *free* upgrade for any package I've owned, and Props had every right to charge everyone $100 for it, and we would have gladly paid it, but they chose to give it away for free (you have to love techies who get to run the marketing department and the company, especially since it's so rare these days).

Now everyone *had* to know that 3.0 would not be a free upgrade. Just think of your $129 (or whatever it is) as paying both for 2.5 and the new features in 3.0.

And for me, Reason 2.5 already has more sound generating capability than I'll ever be able to use, so I think a lot of the whiners are the sort of people who want new synthesizer devices only because they're incapable of getting the current ones to produce-beautiful-music-and-make-them-rich-and-famous-at-the-touch-of-a-button.

And apparently there *is* a god:

"MSDI - Multiple Single Document Interface (Windows only). Means that each open document has its own window - there is no global application window anymore. When you close the last document you quit Reason."

Yea! About time :-)

So far 3.0 looks really nice to me!


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