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Well I'll be moving on now. So long!

A heh You nay sayers probably were just waiting to jump on this band wagon weren't ya?

Sorry I meant moving on to Reason 3.0. I realize this isn't for everyone, but I'm pleased that the props have brought Reason forward by making it more user friendly and intuitive yet again.

The advantage I see is how quickly I will be able to call up or create complicated sounds and/or effects, browse for sounds, load sounds in, bring reasons sound quality up a few notches instantly without having to react to reason like a programmer first before doing so as a musician.

What I see is a simpler more powerful bad ass Multi-Triton program that you just know the guys at Reasonbank as well as Propellerhead are going to grab hold of and whip into an organized frenzy of organic sounds like they do with the nnxt refills.

Sure some people have a good grasp of reason 2.5 and are proud of programming, but admittedly it's very labour intensive and not always easy to work around like 3.0.

I'm glad they improved in these areas. I'll be moving forward to a simpler, cleaner more intuitive Reason so I can build without fussing over the lengthy searches, flipping back and forth between bus settings, copy/pasting repetitions, and general work with mastering tools outside of reason afterwards.

!!This is awesome!!

But on a sadder note, I do wish in a way they would turn their software into a full studio to overcome the aggravation of depending on other products (i.e. audio in). At least before they retire! lol.


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