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OT (but not) - Philosophy with Storm

Not many of you probably know but I graduated with a degree in Political Philosophy while playing hockey on scholarship in University. There aren't a lot of times (other than writing lyrics) where this part of my brain shares information on the music side of things and this community.

But I know there's been a lot of threads filled with polarization and the more any counter points come in to play, the deeper the person digs in their heels. I mean this isn't new to anyone but it is in philosophical discussions becoming more of a standard as we've lost the ability to understand and communicate ideas across society.

Anyway, I could speak for hours on the subject of differing paradigms of existence but I wanted to share this article from the local paper today that I thought was really well written for our community and its current issues. Only dealing with issues in a 'zero sum game' position is honestly getting us no where and this method of communicating ideas is permeating all levels of society as a standard which disregards ideas and philosophies learned through diplomacy. Have a read and see if it makes sense to you. It's very well written and covers our recent issues even here on the forum.

I liked Clinton's quote but I always lived by my words as:

"In order to solve an argument it's not that you have to be prepared to be proven wrong; it's that you have to be prepared to recognize that others can also be right."

I'll stick my head deeper into politics again one day but for now I just hope we can all recognize that the zero-sum game just creates new problems. So, I hope reading this little article helps provide a better community as we find better ways to 'debate' ideas. Some users will always want VSTs or MIDI Out and for them they are right. NO sense disparaging their point of view on something out of both sides' control. I know the forum comes around to the good side again but I'm trying to spur some knowledge. It's a great article for everyone to read. If you don't see how this relates to the forum, I'm sorry but it's not my fault. I will be willing to help you see it though.
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