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General Suggestions

Reason Suggestions,

These are a few MINOR sugestions.
I hope they are helpful.
I have recently made a demo CD useing mostly Reason.
I looked at some of the other suggestions that were posted before I typed this.
I think that the GUI is fine. I dont see how it could be any easier to use. Especially compared to a rack of hardware that is often several different companies products, sometimes all with different terms to do similar functions.
Another suggestion I saw that I dont agree with was one for adding a DAW to Reason.
I could be wrong, but it seems like that would be a whole new can of worms to open, as far as the programing goes, and it even seems like it would be a little redundant considering that Rewire exists. After all, being able to interface Reason with almost any good DAW that you want is an awesome feature! I havent used Rewire yet, but soon I hope to buy Digital Performer and try it out.
Reason is a great program. I like the fact that you have tool tips. That is a great idea.

1. The most importent thing that would help me use Reason would be a slight change in how the "Audio Out Clipping" indicator works. It would be really nice if there was a tab in prefrences or a section of a tab that had an option to either
A. Have the indicator light for a few seconds when overload occurs, or
B. Have the indicator light until you click on it to turn it off.
This would help me a lot. I tend to nit pick getting the most out of

2. Another thing that would help me personally (I don't know if it would help anyone else) would be to add some mute groups to the mixer. I realize that with full automation capability this would be semiuseless, but sometimes its nice to be able to quickly mute certain parts of a song for reference. 4 groups would be enough to suit my needs. This would also help when you chain 2 mixers and you cant solo the chained mixer. Then you could set the master mixer with a "global" mute group then activate it to reference the chained mixer. I think that you could get around this another way by haveing a hardware interface set up like it says in the help file. Then use other inputs rather than just the first two. It would still save a little time though, if it is a simple addition. I wouldnt personally need any solo groups.

3. When clicking on back panel wires, why not make it so that when you shift click or command click on a wire you grab both the left and right wires, as a lot of patching is done in stereo?

Thats about all that I can think of. Its a great program.

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