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Tomb Raider

All these moans about Reason 3.0 - what you've gotta remember that this upgrade is only HALF a version! (2.5 to 3.0) Don't forget Reason 2.5 was a free upgrade, by the way.

Yet I bet some of you were happy when you bought Tomb Raider 2,3,4,5 etc.. (not that I play such cr*p), and were totally happy with only new levels and completely the same game underneath.

Props have a product that they will hopefully incremently update frequently with useful additions (such as those in 3.0). Well, they LOOK like they will be useful, obviously I haven't tried them yet!

So don't be so impatient - Don't forget that Windows got to version 2000 (whatever happened to version 4 to 94 I`ll never know), before it became even mildly useful.

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