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What Reason is, is written on the box

To quote Fred:
:Ah, silly me - so the end user dictates the purpose of the product. By that logic, if I make umbrellas, but by some freak chain of events my umbrellas becomes the #1 favorite sex toy among strange leather clad men in San Fransisco... I effectively lose my mandate to call the product "umbrella" and instead I must start calling it "ass master" and bundle it with lubricant? But... they were supposed to use it when it's *raining*..."

It seems that Fred has indeed, as an end user, dictated the purpose of the product. Here's a quote from the box that Reason originally shipped in which directly describes exactly what the purpose of Reason is:

"Welcom to Reason, the stand-alone music station software to replace all the bulky hardware of a traditional project studio."

Reading that, I'd have to say that Reason is meant to be a standalone software studio that will replace all the bulky hardware of a TRADITIONAL PROJECT STUDIO". Where's the confusion? Who told Fred that Reason was a synth workstation? I'm not sayint that this is not a part of Reason's NEW direction in life, but I haven't read it in an advertisement or on a box and it certainly wasn't Reason's original purpose in life. The original ads stated that Reason would replace a traditional studio and it asked you to "choose wisely" between a traditional studio and Reason. That says all day long that Reason was meant to be an entire studio, not merely a "some synths". Regardless of the fact that this dream was never truly, realized, it's undoubtedly the original dream. Fred's 'butt umbrella' was a perfect analogy for what he and others are doing. That is, deciding that Reason is something other than what the creators of the program have themselves stated that it is. As for Reason 3, what I've read so far says that it may be geared towards "live performance" which is fine. It's a new direction for Reason probably due to the fact that people have taken it upon themselves to use it this way.

Finally, it goes on to say on the back of the box in smaller type: ""Reason comes in the shape of a classic studio rack, packed with all the gear you could possibly need: Samplers, Analog synths, Mixers.....Everything is there except the drawbacks-notripping over cables orlocating ground hum..."

Now obviously, it doesn't say anything about audio recording, VST or midi out, but since it clearly states that it's supposed to replace an entire studio of gear is it so crazy for people to actually expect that it will eventually do exactly this? I suspect that Fred and others are calling it a synth workstation because that's where Reason as a product best "fits in". I happen to agree with that sentiment, but I don't agree that they should be trying to convince people that this is Reason's "purpose" as decided by Reason's creator. Especially when Reason's "purpose" is written boldly on the back of the box that it ships in.

"Standalone music station software to replace all the bulky hardware of the traditional project studio".

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