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Reason Is A Tool

I dont come around here much, but I'm even less likely to be coming around here after seeing how this entire message board is filled with banter about how "reason isnt this or that, or reason is this or that."

It doesnt matter, reason is a tool and take it for what it is.

It appears that everybody wants a "all in one, do everything for you software package."

I know everyone may not agree, but all the music i hear that comes from reason has a reason sound to it. In fact I often spend a lot of time trying to replicate reason sounds on real instruments. But thats all besides the point.

Reason has a sound, just like any tool has its style. DP4 sounds like dp4, logic sounds like logic. Software that sequences audio is probably a lot easier to mask because the output is dependant on the input. But reason has a very distinct sound, but its a good sound and thats why people use it.

Its like the persuite for the perfect microphone. There isnt one mic that is perfect for every situation, so why should there be one software?

DP4, protools, cubase, logic, They do audio recording. They are sequencers for audio. The fact that reason can work a long side them is a blessing. Reason does what It does, and it does it well, thats why a lot of people use it.

I feel like reasons user's want reason to turn into a garage band. Load up loops, drum machines, run through effects and you have a song.

A song doesnt work like that, at least a good memorable song. I mean, maybe it can, but not in my opinion. As far as im concerned, the further we get from our original practices, the worse we are.

I mean, until protools and other systems came out, they could not even visualize their audio sequences, It was all recorded to tape, and there had to be a bunch of engineers assigned to different sliders bringing in sounds and bringing out sounds. Automation? I think we often take that for granted.

I for one hope that audio recording does not make its way into reason, because it will only make it easier for people to pump out more and more and more music that has no concept or idea. Its just machines and effects. Its all over the web.

The idea of a performance is being lost to dumbed down software.

Dont yell at props for not adding audio, dont act like they owe you something because you bought their software. You knew what their software had and didnt have when you bought it, and if you didnt, then you were nieve and didnt read the box.

We should all be happy enough that they are still developing reason futher. Im not some HUGE props loyal fan, in fact, im rather disapointed with reasons newest mastering suite, because I feel that reason is getting more towards the "do it all in just reason crowd." But im glad that props is still developing and working hard towards good software.

Take it to the next level? I think it needs more unpredictable stuff, more of a modular system. dedicated lfo's, envelope generators. But again, if i really want to experiment, I go to MAX/MSP because it is a modular dream.

Software is just a tool. It can create. Use it as such, and dont whine about what you dont have, be happy with what you do have.

I personally love dp4 rewired to reason. I can bus out tracks from reason and use my au's to tweak them however the hell i want to. Its an unbelievable combo.

Ill end my rant with a quote. "in our pursuit of happiness, wouldnt it be great to just stop for a moment and be happy."

I guess what im trying to say is dont take advantage of what you have. Theres always going to be more, but as far as I'm concerned, reason 1.0 is still amazing software.

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