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Some nice things about Reason

I think that Reason has probably the best sounding software reverb I've heard so far. I also think the Screamer is the best software distortion type FX I've heard so far. Malstrom is the most unique software synthesizer I've hear so far in that it produces sounds I haven't heard on anything else. The Vocoder is very capable although I don't think I could have a use for it more than once in 2 years, it's still a great Vocoder.

While a lot of people have complained about Reason 3, I believe it to be the most sensible update so far simply because this update has things that everyone can get some use out of instead of a very limited number of users in limited genres. Who has no use for a more serious eq, stereo widener, etc? The loudness issue is implied to be fixed by the mere existence of a loudness maximizer. That was a minor irritation. The browser features are awesome and those of you who don't know why will love the Props for this when you see exactly how great and fast it is to be able to play patches without bothering to load them first. Trust me. The faster load times for patches is also a very welcome addition. I found that large soundfonts were the worst offender for long load times. Reason literally loads, not the soundfont as a whole, but it loads each sample within it, one by one, and you could count them on the screen as it loaded them. And if one of those soundfonts was misplaced, it was better to not do a search and replace for them because that dialogue also loaded each sample one by one instead of the entire soundfont as a whole when you found it. I have a guitar soundfont with hundreds of samples in it so... Anyway. The Combinator, as a concept is great thing. This one will depend on how it's implemented before I can pass judjement on it. The layering method in another application is so longwinded and cumbersome that I never use it because it's too much of a distraction to set up. In another sequencer, it's as simple as a single mouse click and a joy to use. Hopefully Reason's interpretation will be closer to the latter.

The new smaller mixer I'm not sure how I feel about. I found that when rewiring Reason to other sequencers, I always had a problem with instruments that had been routed through send FX in Reason's mixer. The problem was that in order to keep an instrument sounding exactly the same, I needed to keep that instrument routed through the mixer, then to the hardware interface. I didn't want to dedicate a mixer to each and every single instrument which made use of send FX. Well, maybe this smaller mixer will make this less of a problem to have one for each instrument which had been routed through a send FX in the standard mixer. I don't know.

The new soundbank. Can't go wrong with that one. We can always use new sounds.

The price is right. Can't go wrong with that one either.

This update is smart because everything in it is something that a large majority of Reason users will have a use for rather than things that very few people will use, but look cool on a featurelist. I believe in taking care of the basics first. The basics are beginning to come somewhat late this time, but better late than never.

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