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Old 2004-12-22, 03:10
mvthom mvthom is offline
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How about a virtual "sound card" driver to take in audio?

Here is another spin on the audio debate. I don't actually need to be able to record audio as I use Sonar for that but I would like to be able to process it within Reason. Particularly with the new mastering suite coming out and I'd love to use the reverb unit on vocals.

I have seen posted that it would require a redo of rewire to make it take audio in (plus all the sequencers would need to support it) so how about creating a reason audio driver that could accomplish the same thing? A bit like the way Adobe have the PDF Writer which is used as a printer driver to get documents into Acrobat format. All of our sequencers can output audio to a sound card using an audio driver so how about a Reason virtual"sound card" which would then interface with the internal Reason audio path?

Just a thought.


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