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Old 2004-12-24, 15:18
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Famous DJ Sasha uses Ableton Live4 and DJ Tiesto uses Cubase

Wow!!! I took time out to visit Ableton Live website where Alexander Coe aka "Sasha" explains how he uses Ableton Live4. Sasha produces with Ableton and he performs with it live. Actually from Reading that Sasha interview I kinda understand which direction Propellerheads want to head base on this Live performance thing. The sales reps at my local guitar center were really excited about this program which is why I researched Ableton Live's website. It looks and sounds pretty cool but I already have my hands full trying to figure out CubaseSX3. Im going back to guitar center today for the additional video tutorials. I also read another interview with Tiesto and he explains how he uses cubase for his original productions. Whats disappointing is that he only puts elements that he like into cubase in which he has professional Mixers and engineers who actually arrange and finsh the songs so i dont see how he would call it a original production.

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