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Old 2004-12-25, 04:58
dmccabe dmccabe is offline
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Sustained note Volume control in Sequencer

Yes I am a newbie - I've read the manual and searched the boards but I wonder if there is something I'm missing.

I understand the idea of setting the volume of a note in the sequencer. What is suprising is that a sustained note gets assigned only one volume at the start of the note - instead of a volume that lasts as long as the note - stretched to the right. (Is that the convention in this kind of software and samplerdom?)

For example with an instrument sample that plays a continous note in the NT-19 if one wants a sustained note that fades away over the course of a measure, it appears that automating the mixer or modifying a sampler setting is the only way to achieve this - or am I missing something? Just seems less than intuitive.

Thanks for any information and happy new year.

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