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Old 2004-12-29, 11:04
m0thr4 m0thr4 is offline
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Rebirth ASIO 48KHz sample rate support

I wish Rebirth worked with Reason properly.

I use Reason with a Creative Labs Audigy 2 Platinum - a great (and relatively cheap) low latency soundcard. The problem is that the Creaive ASIO drivers run the card at a fixed sample rate of 48KHz. This is fine for Reason, but Rebirth does not support anything higher than 44KHz. So if you then launch Rebirth with Reason, the Rebirth synths play out of tune because the sample rates are mismatched.

The only current workaround is to change Reason's audio settings to use the much higher latency "Direct X Full Duplex" driver. But then you're working at around 45ms latency instead of between 5ms. A big difference and extremely irritating.

Better solution #1 - Release Rebirth as an integral part of Reason 3.0 (implying ASIO/48KHz support)

Better Solution #2 - Release a patch for Rebirth that includes ASIO 2 support and a 48KHz sample rate.


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